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Produce Packaging Products in Southern California

US Custom Packaging in Ontario, CA provides eco-friendly packaging design, solutions, and products to assist your business grow. Our Sustainable Packaging Solutions protect your produce and products from contamination and damage, and save your company money. Call us today to quote on any of the following:

Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Packaging Solutions - Environment Friendly Packaging in San Diego, CA
We design, test, produce and ship your customized produce packaging solutions at a competitive rate. We want to create the right solution to help your business and fit your needs.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes - Environment Friendly Packaging in San Diego, CA
Our highly automated Carton Plant located in Orange County converts over 1.6 billion sq. ft. of corrugated packaging each year. Offering enhanced quality, service and dependability, we are very responsive and flexible to our customer’s requirements.

Corrugated Produce Trays

Corrugated Produce Trays - Environment Friendly Packaging in San Diego, CA
We provide our customers with high quality corrugated trays for produce display. Our efficient manufacturing processes, and excellent service enable us to create high performance shipping containers for your needs.

Molded Pulp Packaging

Molded Pulp Packaging - Environment Friendly Packaging in San Diego, CA
Reduce the use of oil based packaging with our molded fiber produce baskets. The benefits of using this material will extend the shell life of your produce. Molded fiber reduces plastic use in packaging and it is recyclable.

Eco-Plastic Packaging

Eco-Plastic Packaging - Environment Friendly Packaging in San Diego, CA
We provide our customers with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) reports for custom designs to help determine packaging sustainability impact. We are making an impact to our envirnonment by focusing on energy consumption, water consumption, greehouse gases, water pollution potential, manufactoring acidification and plastic reduction.

Produce Bags

Produce Bags - Environment Friendly Packaging in San Diego, CA
Custom-made packaging bags solutions come in film or laminate choices. Our bags are easy to open and reusable while helping reduce waste. Your products will have an excellent display presentation with our custom design bags.

Fiber Punnets

Films - Environment Friendly Packaging in San Diego, CA
Fiber Punnets have quickly become the solution that retailers, growers and consumers have turned to, to reduce the use of oil based plastic packaging. Above and beyond the “sustainability” factor, fiber punnets have many other benefits. Fiber punnets have been proven to successfully INCREASE the shelf life of most produce, they are cost competitive to traditional packaging options, and they are manufactured here in the USA using 100% recycled raw materials and agricultural waste by products. We have developed a peel off/on top seal for consumer ease and the punnets are water resistant- so consumers can wash their produce right in the punnets as well.
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